Inner Spirit Therapy©

What is Inner Spirit Therapy©? 

Inner Spirit Therapy© is a safe, nurturing and effective way to assist you in finding your authentic self and opens you to your healing potential. 


"Inner Spirit Hypnotherapy© is a self-healing method using hypnotherapy that unlike traditional counseling, does not require you to talk about your past or present situation." Inner Spirit Therapy, created and taught by Dan Geiger, MS, is an evidenced based form of hypnotherapy that uses the power of the subconscious mind to allow you to make changes in your life. 

Hypnosis itself has been recorded since 2000 BC when it was mentioned in both Sanskrit and Egyptian writings found inthe healing temples. This form of healing has been used succesfully since ancient times with modern records making mention of various froms for over a hundred years.  and is a state of inner absorption and focused attention. It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun and make them more powerful. Similarly, when our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more powerfully. Inner Spirit Therapy© allows people to use more of their potential. 

What to expect.

Inner Spirit Therapy© is a process that places you in a relaxed state while remaining aware of your surroundings. Inner Spirit Therapy© gives you access to your subconcious mind allowing the power of the subconcious mind to make changes in your life.  

What can Inner Spirit Therapy© help with?

Are you tired of talking about your problems and nothing changes? Inner Spirit Therapy© can allow you to make these changes within yourself in a natural way. 

Inner Spirit Therapy© helps with smoking cessation, weight loss issues, anxieties, relationships, stress, pain, headaches, grief and loss, resentment, and compulsions. 

Inner Spirit Therapy© can improve exam performance, study recall, public speaking, pain control, performance anxiety, releasing the past, communication, goal setting, memory, sports focus, personal growth, confidence, assertiveness, relaxation, counseling and personal power. 

Inner Spirit Therapy© can be applied to an almost unlimited number of physical, emotional, mental problems." 

"Unlike traditional psychotherapy or counseling it does not require self disclosure and offers dramatic results in weeks rather than months or years." 

Usually 2 - 5 sessions are sufficient. 

Sessions are available in office, via phone or over Skype.  

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