EEG Biofeedback Sessions

Initial session

There is an initial session with you to get a sense of your desired goals health and to obtain your symptoms and goals. 

Typical training session

During the training sessions special sensors are placed on your scalp. A computer monitors your EEG (brain-wave) signal and provides feedback. The feedback can be a tone, light, or a changing pattern and at times is a combination of all three. Gradually the brain responds to the signals and learning takes place.

Number & duration of sessions

Effective treatment generally requires between 20 to 30 sessions. It is important to participate in enough sessions to ensure you obtain the desired result. Many individuals report initial progress between 5-8  sessions.  A schedule will be established to fit your goals and lifestyle. We will review your progress after ten sessions. During the initial stages of training, we recommend frequent sessions (e.g. two to three times per week.) As learning and progress occur, sessions are reduced to once a week and finally to one or two sessions per month. Sessions last about an hour

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